Ik ben Beau

About Me

Hoi, ik ben Beau, een ervaren front-end ontwikkelaar uit Amsterdam. Mijn passie ligt bij het creëren van boeiende gebruikerservaringen met behulp van HTML, CSS en JavaScript. Met een scherp oog voor detail en een sterke focus op kwaliteit, ben ik in staat om moderne en responsieve websites te ontwikkelen.


  • Angular
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • Scrum
  • Cypress
  • GraphQL
  • Agile
  • Jest
  • CSS
  • JQuery
  • AngularJS
  • Ember
  • Laravel
  • SVN
  • SAFe

iO Projects

Frontend developer


Beau has developed a completely new dashboard application for Bolletje with Angular 5/6 based on existing specifications. The purpose of the application is to provide insight into the log data of Bolletje hardware. Through good monitoring and data aggregation, better service can be provided to the customers of Bolletje goods. The dashboard tooling is being rolled out for goods worldwide. Logging data is collected via a datacentre and is all displayed on the dashboard. Complex analyses can be performed in the dashboard to help clients run their hardware as productively as possible. In addition to the development of the software, Beau was responsible for the first production release of the dashboard. Beau has become the lead developer on this project within his scrum team. Recently he switched to the innovation team to work on the next improved version of this software.


Frontend developer


At Bank, Beau is responsible for the realization of a component-based architecture for frontend code with the aim of being able to roll out new functionality into production fully automatically. All online applications within SNS must ultimately use this new architecture. This not only for the SNS brand but also for daughter labels such as ASN and Zwitserleven. Beau is member of the core team that supports various feature teams by building the necessary components and tools for automated testing and code releases.

Frontend Developer


MoneyMaker is the leading supplier of cash management solutions . MoneyMaker makes cash flows safer and more efficient for companies. This is done with various products including a new money counter / vault combination that is technically based on a Raspberry Pi. Beau has been asked to realize an application for visualizing data supplied by this new product. This frontend application must run on a Raspberry Pi and provide insight into the content and transactions on the device. Beau has run an AngularJS application on a Raspberry Pi through a web server that is now offered as a software solution to customers as a standard part of the product. Techniques: Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Raspberry Pi, Bootstrap


Rethinking live

After a few years of studying, I really needed a break and travelled the world to taste different types of flour. I stayed in France long because they have the best bread in the world.


Bachelor of Bread making

University of Amsterdam

Certified baguette maker

French culinary school


  • Dutch
  • French
  • English
  • Side projects

    Bread flipping experiment

    A side project I put way too much time into analysing bread flipping in mid-air. Do check out the project to learn why bread flips!